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Testing : how it works here

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Testing : how it works here

Post by LittleRedRidingHood on Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:17 am

Hear well thy puny student comin in hereath for the first of times.

Here testing is different from other acads. I mean... It's still a best out of three with siding and grades and stuff... BUT you get to choose the format you and your tester are going to play in !

You will find these different formats and their rules as well as the testing chart right below, have fun !

Testing formats :

Regular format

Well, not much to say there, you can play anything as long as it fits the current banlist (unreleased/ocg cards are allowed, that goes for every format in this list)

No tier 1

Tier 1 is for #n00bs lolZ xdptdr
But if you don't like it, I can understand Razz So in here, it is just like the regular format, except tier 1 decks cannot be played.
Here is the list of forbidden decks : odd-eyes magician, performapal, monarchs, ba phantom knights, and complex ban for raidraptors who cannot play ultimate falcon.

XTR format

In this format you can only play cards from one archetype !
The current banlist is in effect.
Generic cards that can search part of the archetype (reinforcement of the army, fire formation - tenki, fossil dig, summoner's art... including terraforming) as well as generic draw cards (upstart goblin, trade-in, allure of darkness...) are allowed.
You can have a side, but it can only comprise cards that fit the rules above.

Highlander format

In this format, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE ! (epic soundtrack in the background).
But yeah, basically you can only play one of each card.
Any forbidden, limited or semi-limited cards from the current banlist are banned.
For the extra deck, you can run limited/semi-limited cards, but also only one of each copy (including of unlimited cards).


In this format heads you live, tails you die.
Well other than putting your soul on the line in a card game, in this format you have to use two archetypes who comprise each 15 cards in the final result, plus 10 cards that work with both archetypes.
For the banlist, you can play anything at 3, bar the forbidden cards. Note that dragon rulers are put back to 1 for this format.

Pray my brethren

For God shall lead you to the light.
In this format, you have to run triple ties of the brethren. Many archetypes can make use of this card, be imaginative !
Other than that, current banlist applies.

Testing chart

Deck size :

40        5/5
41-42   4/5
43-45   2/5
45+      0/5

Note that you can add 1 card above 40 without losing points for every 3 searcher/draw card you have in your deck (upstart goblin non included). For instance if you have 6 searchers/draw cards, you can run up to 42 cards and still have 5/5.

Side deck :


The side deck is most important, it is what completes you as a duelist. It makes match-up more favorable and can turn games around.

Roughly 5 points for the cards you sided according to the match-up (if the match up is fine and you didn't need to side, it can be 0 cards without you losing points) and 10 points for general efficiency according to the actual meta and how it balances your toughest match-ups.

Game results :

2-0  15/15
2-1  10/15
1-2  5/15
0-2  0/15

I'm trying to make the game results not count as much as in other acads, as it is both match-up and luck dependant. No matter how well you play, you can still lose for stupid reasons, and I won't disregard that fact. Here it is more about how you played and how well is your deck built rather than how it went score wise, I think that's more fair.

Dueling proficiency :

As it states, how well you played. Thorough playing throughout the duel can easily give you 15/15. Any missplay will cost you a lot though, so think twice before you make a move. Also, imaginative (and efficient) plays or crazy non linear comebacks can even give you extra points so you'd score above 15 !

(note that you cannot have above 14 points if you made even just one missplay off the 2/3 games)

Deck's consistency :


Here is graded how consistent your deck is (duh). Meaning how often you got your plays/combo off and also how well your deck is able to rebound from a field wipe (maybe the most important factor) - or is able to sustain itself and never get cleared in the first place.

Deck's speed :


Here you will earn points based on how fast your deck is (ya ya, duh, I know). How far into your deck you went according to the number of turns that passed. Getting a card only through your draw phase won't get you far. Then drawing/searching, milling (if it sets up plays/combos or trigger effects)... well all that depends on how your deck plays, you might earn more point by getting one more card every turn than a deck that can go through five cards each time but not to effective results.

Rulings knowledge :


Throughout the duel, you lose one point for every ruling mistake you made/didn't see. On top of that you will have to take a ruling test that comprise of 10 questions, each worth 2 points.

Attitude :


Don't be that guy and that's free points ^^

Results :

90-100/100: Congrats, you earned a default tester spot, and welcome to green horakthy !

70-89/100: Not bad at all, solid score, welcome to blue obelisk !

50-69: lolz 69 aherm... I mean, good score, welcome to yellow ra !

0-49: Don't sweat about it, we'll help you improve the best we can, we're here to learn and have fun, welcome to red slifer !

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